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To Change a Company’s Culture, You Need to Capture Your Employees’ Heads and Hearts

It has been said that measuring culture is like shaping smoke or herding cats. But that is before something called Return on Culture came alive. Douglas Conant, who led the remarkable turnaround of the Campbell’s Soup Company by increasing cumuative…

A Guide to the Future of Online Learning – What Organizations Need to Know About Engaging and Educating the Modern Learner

Predating written language, on-the-job training was widely used. In the Middle Ages, there was a movement to apprenticeships when tools became more complex and the need for craftsmen arose.

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Why culturally responsive care must be part of your mental health strategy

Mental illness is universal across all cultures, but not everyone has equal access to care. Both stigma and a lack of representation among providers contribute to this problem. Learn why culturally responsive care is imperative to your mental health strategy….

A Manager’s Guide to Building Psychological Safety Around Mental Health at Work

When your employees show up for work, whether remotely or onsite, do they feel safe, respected, valued, and empowered to do their best work? Are they able to be their whole self? After more than a year of unprecedented times—including…

Lyra Health Cost Efficiency Analysis

Aon conducted an actuarial analysis of four Lyra customers’ medical and prescription drug spending incurred in 2018 and 2019 representing approximately 40,000 Lyra Employee Assistance Program (EAP) eligible members. The analysis utilized Aon’s member-level Cost Efficiency Measurement (CEM) methodology comparing…

Bringing AI to Enterprise Networking

AI is not coming for your job, but you will get the best return on investment possible — your time. Not only does real AI accelerate outcomes, it can also positively contribute to network performance, service assurance, and user experience….