New Year, New ERP


The start of a New Year can be a source of inspiration to make some changes for the better. Self-improvement is the key theme as individuals seek to get fit, acquire a new skill, make that career move… But a New Year can also inspire business leaders to make some changes as well. Whether you are seeking greater efficiency, cost savings, improved visibility or agility, or growth of profits or margins, replacing your current business solutions with a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system may very well be a good place to start.

Today’s flexible, technology-enabled, cloud-based ERP solutions provide many more features and functions (without invasive customization), are easier to implement and easier to use than legacy systems or a collection of disparate and disconnected “point” solutions. They can provide the agility you need to adapt to today’s rapidly changing world and they are accessible any time, from anywhere. But don’t think of a new ERP as a New Year’s resolution.

Resolutions are notoriously short-lived. Think of it instead as a (self-improvement) project to launch. Take advantage of “New Year” inspiration, but break it down into smaller steps with well-defined outcomes. Because reaching a milestone or achieving a goal is motivating in itself. success breeds success. Set goals, measure progress. And when you reach those goals, set some new ones. With the right ERP, you are really embarking on a journey of continuous improvement.
And therefore, making a careful and well-informed decision is essential. Looking for a new ERP is not something you do every day and if you haven’t done so in quite a long time, please note: A lot has changed. While older solutions were rigid and inflexible, new cloud-based, technology-enabled solutions should help you respond to change or even help you make it happen. The right solution should evolve as your business grows and develops. Most likely you’ve spent the last weeks of the past year coming up with a plan to prosper and grow. Now it’s time to execute.


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