On Time, On Budget A Guide to New Strategies and Technologies for Field Operations Leaders

In the past, tracking and tracing devices were rudimentary and unreliable, with no data or analytics to speak of. But the next generation of IoT platforms has arrived, featuring purpose-built software and hardware for field ops. These tracking and tracing devices not only reveal exactly where and what is happening with field assets, but provide access to operational intelligence that enables better decision-making to drive real business value in an increasingly data-driven world.

In this white paper, we will cover:

  • How new track and trace technology solves seven key challenges in field operations.
  • The must-have software and hardware features to look for in an IoT platform.
  • Three case studies of companies using track and trace platforms to eliminate 95% of billing disputes, increase equipment uptime by 99.9%, and save $70,000 per year on fuel and maintenance.


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