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A New Generation is Making Waves in the Workplace – And They Are Redefining the Game Plan

As the workplace reflects a new demographic, the nature of Shared Services work changes, and technology offers a boost – successful organisations are rethinking talent management and training to equip teams for the digital age (and the millennial invasion). SSON interviewed three Directors whose SSOs rank in the top 20 Most Admired Shared Service Centres globally (according to SSON Analytics) to ask them how they were recruiting new skill sets, what kind of training was most effective, and which strategies were most successful in retaining key talent.

The technological innovations of the past decade have driven what is perhaps the most significant revolution in the workplace since assembly lines appeared on factory floors. The impact on productivity and time-to-market has been enormous. And yet, what was true one hundred years ago still rings true today: ‘People’ remain your most important asset.


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