Making the Right Hire

The single most important differentiator when it comes to winning in the talent economy is hiring the right people – plain and simple. Yet, despite all the best recruiting efforts, hiring team collaboration, metrics tracking, etc. companies are still challenged with recognizing what makes a great hire and how to recruit them to their organizations.

The primary reason companies find it difficult to define what makes the right hire, is that they have a tough time recognizing the right drivers of good performance – and then translate them into structured criteria for hiring.

Don’t leave your success to luck. The “right hire” varies between organization because your business, your process, your culture are unique. Even more difficult is that many hiring teams simply lack the objective historical and current performance data.

These gaps make it difficult to set expectations for how long it should take to hire the right people. Consequently, most organizations settle for less – deciding on availability of a candidate, rather than using concrete data


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