The Digital Workplace Roadmap: A Leader’s Guide to Strategy and Success.

The digital world is transforming rapidly, and the future belongs to leaders who equip their teams and operations to thrive in any location. Remote and hybrid working environments have become standard as an everyday reality, with more than one in two employees now working remotely.

Evolving the digital workplace needs to be a top priority for every organization; research shows the number of remote users has nearly tripled over the last 12 months. The research further reveals organizations that have responded quickly and embraced this normal wide-scale are seeing success not only in resiliency but also in improved employee satisfaction and engagement.

Visionary CIOs are taking action today to prepare their organization for the future of work by rethinking how they enable their teams to seamlessly perform from anywhere—whether that experience takes place completely remotely, at the office or as a hybrid combination.

To help you prepare, these are the six core technology capabilities you’ll need to develop to enact a future-focused, digital workplace strategy.

Table of Contents:

  1. Personalized digital workspaces for users.
  2. Intelligent collaboration between users and devices.
  3. Flexible options for technology consumption.
  4. A secure digital workplace environment through intrinsic security.
  5. A scalable hybrid cloud strategy.
  6. A modern networking experience.


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