Organizations Accelerating Their Digital Workplace Achieve Improvements.

Segmenting the Market in Terms of Digital Workplace Acceleration: Using the Right Tools to Deliver a Modern Digital Workplace Experience Wherever Users are Located.

In order to analyze organizations by their deployment of technologies needed to optimize digital workplace experiences, ESG grouped respondents’ organizations into three cohorts based on their responses to four survey questions specific to device technologies and management tools:

  • Are modern operating systems (OSes) broadly deployed on devices? In order to optimize device performance, reliability, and security, device teams must ensure users’ devices are patched and updated.
  • Are device provisioning and configurations processes highly automated? Both efficiency and accuracy improve as these redundant and manual device tasks are automated.
  • Does the organization use a unified endpoint management solution to support devices? Giving support teams a single console to manage all devices dramatically improves efficacy.
  • Do devices have best-of-breed embedded security features? Security in remote work and learning scenarios is more difficult than when users are on the corporate network. Enabling remote users means providing secure devices with access controls, encrypted drives, and advanced monitoring capabilities.


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