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How to Turn Your Employees Into Your Biggest Advocates

Research says the process can take, on average, three weeks1 to a month and a half and cost roughly $4,0002. Not to mention, if the new employee doesn’t work out, you lose more than what you sunk into the first hiring process; there’s also a loss of productivity until the subsequent new hire is up to speed.

Which means: Finding the right applicants the first time around saves you time and money. And you know it’s possible. You’ve met candidates whose values, work style, and experience are a strong fit, such that you could easily envision them adding to your culture. It’s a positive hiring experience for everyone involved: They’re excited to work at your company, and you can’t wait for them to join the team. But finding these value-add hires isn’t a matter of fate—it takes strategy. You need to find a cost-efficient way to raise awareness of your employer brand and open positions, and you need the news to be delivered via a source candidates find trustworthy


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